Designing the conscious menstrual health brand.

Ruby Cup's mission is to enable all people to live their periods safely and with dignity, regardless of their income. Ruby Cup provides a sustainable menstrual health solution, they dismantle menstrual taboos and deliver sound education on reproductive health and menstrual care.

Every Ruby Cup purchased includes the donation of another cup to someone without access to safe period products.
Ruby Cup exists to make a positive impact on the world and they believe that they can do that through honest relations, building expertise and listening to their stakeholders. 
"Saul completely reimagined our brand to ensure our visuals conveyed our personality and values. He asked all the right questions and helped us put into words and images what Ruby Cup meant to us. With that information, we created a new Ruby Cup visual universe where our visuals reflected what we are *really* about. Saul was very thorough and considerate, a great listener... and really fun to work with! He listens but he is also proactive on his opinions and recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend Saul to anyone on the path to creating a brand with purpose."

Amaia Arranz – CEO at Ruby Cup.

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